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Tuition and Policies


     New students interested in enrolling for classes should email for more information.  Additionally, new enrollment forms are available at the studio to be filled out and returned to the studio director.  Generally, it is best for new students to attend the first week or two of classes before committing to a recurring schedule.

Class Fees
1 class/week - $45 monthly
2 classes/week - $80 monthly
3 classes/week - $120 monthly
4 classes/week - $160 monthly
*Dancers who attend all their classes will receive a discount for the following month.
*Family discounts available

Costume Fees
Costume fees are nonrefundable, costume companies do not issue refunds, costumes must be
purchased early due to shortages. Costumes are $75 for each class and may be paid in two installments,
fees are due by December 5 th . Please indicate on the tuition envelope when a costume payment is

Tuition is due by the 1st of each month
*If your dancer is going to withdraw from any or all classes, please give notice before the 15th
of the month. Otherwise, you are obligated to pay that month’s tuition. 
EDC accepts cash and checks, please make checks payable to El Dorado Dance Center.

Dress Code
Ballet, Tiny Tots
Girls – Pink tights, leotard, and pink ballet slippers
Boys – White t-shirt, black shorts or athletic pants, and black ballet slippers
Girls – legging, shorts, shirt, foot undies, jazz shoes, or ballet slippers
Boys – t-shirt, pants or shorts, foot undies, jazz shoes, or ballet slippers
Tap & Jazz
Girls – leotard, tights-skin tone or pink, tap and jazz shoes
Boys – t-shirt, pants or shorts, and tap shoes
Kinderdance, Pre Dance, Beginning Tap and Ballet
Girls-Pink tights, leotard, ballet and tap shoes
Boys-T-shirt, black athletic pants or shorts, ballet and tap shoes

Girls must wear their hair in a bun or pulled back off their face if their hair is too
short for a bun.

Absolutely NO baggy clothing for ballet classes.

Dancewear items can be purchased at Attitudes Dancewear 625 N Carriage
Pkwy, Ste 100, Wichita, KS

Statement on Bullying and Classroom Drama

The El Dorado Dance Center is a wholesome community that works to help each student strive to be their best.  This is not possible in a studio that is overly competitive or in which all students do not respect each other.  As such, the EDC will not tolerate gossip, bullying, or any other kind of disrespect toward students or faculty.  Any unnecessary conflict will be swiftly and appropriately dealt with by a faculty member.

Tuition and Policies: Welcome
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